Changes in the role of pharmaceutical wholesalers in India

Like most industries in India, the pharmaceutical industries have undergone significant changes in the past decade. Thus, has the role of wholesalers in the supply chain. The pharmaceutical wholesalers in India are the key element for an efficient supply chain in the market. They are subject to a lot of activities including the purchase, warehousing, storage, order preparation and delivery of medicines. They not only look after, carry and distribute an array of products in the range, but also make sure the products meet the required framework and standards set by the authorities and market. In addition, they also provide working capital and extended financing service, funding stocks of pharmacies and health care professionals.

The pharmaceutical wholesalers in India ensure a safe, and secure medicine supply chain by putting in place a wide range of steps to achieve the objective. They implement a series of practical measures to ensure that the risk of falsified medicines in the supply chain is minimized. They carefully select suppliers, take sample checks, train staff and run various campaigns for their staff as a part of their activities. They also hold emergency supplies for the well-being of patients and society.

The pharmaceutical wholesalers thus play a vital role in health care services and their functions are of high interest to the public health. There haven’t been some core changes in their functions, but they’ve truly evolved to better the healthcare products and services for the citizens. They provide customized solutions to the otherwise complex supply chain, which makes it easy for their customers to avail the products and services. They also, increasingly add value to the pharmaceutical supply chain. They create the scope and scale, in terms of product volumes, to develop and deliver products and services to not only pharmacists and manufacturers, but also patients. In the event of any mishappening, wholesalers can support pharmacies in quickly shifting to alternative medicine, provided that they’re given the opportunity to stock and deliver a full range of medicines.

Not just for profitable needs, the pharmaceutical wholesalers in India also use their power for societal needs. These services include customized patient care in order to meet the unique needs of individual patients. Which may include, for example, provision of self-diagnostics and customized drug delivery. They also take up to repackaging medicines into weekly doses to meet patients’ needs in terms of controlled and timely intake and cost-effectiveness.

Thus, the pharmaceutical wholesalers in their activities, meet and go beyond quality and safety standards set down in legislation. They’re the trusted supply chain partners of all the stakeholders. Pharmaceutical wholesalers in India need to be appreciated for their dedication to meet the specific needs of their clients and customers in a patient focus healthcare environment.