Cold chain management for Pharmaceutical products

A major aspect of an efficient quality management system is the introduction and effective use of SOPs to document cold chain operations, and assure compliance to regulatory requirements and product quality standards.

Simply defined, a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a comprehensive set of step-by-step instructions that are documented and followed by employees to carry out routine operations.

The purpose is to ensure the integrity and quality of our products by creating efficient uniform performance outputs. They also reduce communication gaps and related failures.

Certain temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products, including vaccines, may lose their effectiveness if they are not stored within the recommended temperature range. It is, therefore, imperative to maintain the cold chain to ensure such products are transported and stored according to manufacturer’s recommended temperature range throughout shipment until the point of medication administration.

Our  SOP sets out effective command and control protocols, and detailed procedures for maintaining the cold chain for relevant pharmaceutical products and vaccines. It will also list steps to be taken in case of refrigerator failure, loss of power, or temperature fluctuations to mitigate financial or legal risks. Checklists for cold chain refrigerator audits are also included.

As a certified ISO 9001 and GDP compliant  company, Kings Global supply cold chain medicines at Ex Ware house but also offers cold chain packaging solution with data logger till your Port where end-to-end temperature can be mapped throughout in this  cold chain management.

We use well-established range of single-use range water-gel temperature control parcel shippers which are used extensively by the pharmaceutical industries.

These single-use parcel shippers enable quick and easy packing due to the use of thermal barriers which prevent the risk of cold shock to temperature sensitive products. They are pre-qualified to the widely recognised Softbox’s temperature profiles and are available in chilled and ambient temperature ranges and various payload sizes.

Our Cold Chain Packing Features:

Provides proven temperature control during transit

Chilled and ambient temperature control options available

Standard and customised solutions available

Pre-qualified to meet your needs

Easy to condition

Constructed from recyclable materials

Simple design enables quick and easy assembly

Having been in the industry for more than 10+ years, Kings Global Biotech Ltd, pharmaceutical exporter has built superior industry reputation for its technical excellence, domain expertise, and a large clientele worldwide.

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