The role of India in the generic medicines’ space

The role of India in the generic medicines’ space

The production of any medicine, in any country, is very expensive. Thus, the consumers have to pay a huge amount to get the necessary medicine in their original form. This is what made the Companies should think of producing generic medicines which are the genuine copies of the original medicines. The generic medicine is as effective as the original one. The biggest provider of generic medicines, today, in the worlds is India, which contributes 20 percent of the total export of the generic medicines worldwide.   This happens in India because India has very talented engineers, scientists and researchers to produce these medicines at a lower cost level. The generic medicines form India has a huge demand in the market.

India was the first country to market the life-saving medicines like Zidovudine for HIV treatment and Imatinib for cancer but after a few years later of its launch in the US. What made India such a big name in the global pharmaceutical sector is the reverse engineering and manufacture of such vaccinations and generic medicines at very lover costs. The effectiveness and lower cost of generic medicines from India helped to gather a huge demand from all over the world. India’s emergence in the field of generic medicines helped and played a considerable role in availing high-quality medicines at a lower cost to patients everywhere in the world. This has actually brought down the prices of many of the lifesaving medicines, which are used for the treatments of many major diseases.

Many global healthcare programs, today, such as UNICEF as well as the Global Fund to Fight Tuberculosis, AIDS, Malaria regularly use the generic medicines, manufactured in India, for treating many of the infectious diseases. A global medical charity, Médecins sans Frontières, also known as Doctors without Borders, has even featured India as the ‘pharmacy of the developing world’.

India, too, stands among the biggest suppliers of the low-cost vaccines in the world. When an Indian manufacturer developed the vaccination, the recombinant Hepatitis B injection saw its price dropped to less than US$ 1 from US$ 23 per dose.  Today, India is a primary supplier of the vaccination to numerous countries as well as to UNICEF.  The well-known and renowned supplier of generic medicines from India is the ‘Kings Global Biotech’ a pharmaceutical wholesaler from India. They have been catering to the huge demand for generic medicines manufactured in India for the last several years in time to be useful for the patients.